Stay single until you find that right person who is willing to put a lot of work into the relationship. Someone who is mature enough and ready to handle all of the responsibilities that come along with loving you. Someone that knows that there is no place for laziness in a committed relationship.

Stay single until you find the right one who treats you well without expecting brownie points or a pat on the back. Someone who treats you well because he knows you deserve it and wants to see and put a smile on your face.

Stay single until you find someone who puts more effort while conversing with you. Someone who actually listens when you speak. Someone who puts his phone away when you walk into the room.

Stay single until you find a person who puts effort into making you feel included in his life. Someone who invites you out with his closest friends. Someone who is not afraid to take you out to dinner with his family.

Stay single until you find the one who puts a lot of effort into the bedroom. Someone who attends and answer to your needs. Someone who tends to give as much as he receives.

Stay single until you find someone who puts the effort in date planning. Someone who often chooses the place and time so you are not always stuck with making all the decisions. Someone who pays attention to what you want to do more often and makes it happen on weekends.

Stay single until you find someone who does as much for you as you usually do for him. Someone who understands that a relationship and a two-way street are the same, it should never become one-sided. Someone who sees and recognizes your worth and makes sure you recognize it too.

Stay single until you find someone who puts a lot of work and effort into loving you every single day. Someone who appreciates you for all of the little things you do instead of making you feel like you are just taken for granted. Someone who makes sure you realize how loved you are instead of leaving you wondering whether anyone cares or not.

Stay single until you find someone who puts effort into all of your relationship’s aspects. Someone who sends good morning texts to let you know you have been on his mind. Someone who picks up snacks for you when he goes shopping so you always have something to eat in his fridge. Someone who spends hours and hours searching for (or handcrafting) the perfect gift for you because he knows you only deserve the best of everything.

Stay single until you find someone who does the dishes and laundry when you are on your period or just having a rough day so you get a chance to relax. Someone who sprays on your preferable cologne before meeting up with you. Someone who offers to take you and your friends to the club so you don’t have to take an Uber. Someone who gives you a call when he is running late at work so you don’t worry about him. Someone who gives you compliments more often, on your eyes and smile, along with your soft warm heart and hard work.

Stay single until you find someone who puts mad work and effort into pursuing you and puts effort into keeping you.