I’m slowly starting to learn that I don’t really have to hurt those who hurt me. I’m slowly learning that maybe the true sign of maturity is walking away instead of getting revenge.

I’m slowly realizing that the amount of energy spent on reacting to every bad thing that happens to you drains all of your power and stops you from seeing the beautiful things which are taking place in your life. I’m slowly learning that I’m not going to be a cup of tea to everyone, and I won’t be able to make everyone around me to treat me the way I want to be treated and that’s totally okay. And I’m also slowly realizing that trying to ‘win’ is a time and energy-wasting thought and it just fills you with nothing but emptiness.


I’m slowly learning that by choosing to not react doesn’t mean I’m okay with how things are, it is a way to say that you chose to rise above it. And I’m choosing to learn from the lesson it has been served to me. I’m choosing to be that bigger person. I’m choosing my peace of mind over everything else because that’s what I truly need. And I don’t need more drama in my life. I don’t need people that make me feel not good enough around me. I don’t need fights and arguments and fake connections to be part of my life. I’m slowly learning that saying nothing and being quiet is actually a way to say everything.


I’m slowly learning that reacting to the things that upset me gives someone else the power over my emotions. You just can’t control what other people do but you can always control the way in which you respond, and how you handle it, how you perceive and interpret it, and how much you want to take personally from it. I started to realize that these kinds of situations tell absolutely nothing about you and tells a lot about the other person. I’m finally understanding that these kinds of disappointments are simply there to teach us how to love ourselves because that is the shield and the armor we need against all of those who want to bring us down. They’ll save us when we need them against people who try to make us feel like we’re worthless or those who try to shake our confidence.


I’m finally realizing that even if I react, it will change absolutely nothing, it won’t force people to love and respect me, and it will definitely not change their minds about me. Sometimes it is just better to let things be, let people go, don’t fight for closure, don’t demand people’s explanations, don’t run after answers and don’t wait for people to understand where you are coming from. I finally started to realize that you can live a better life by centering it on what’s happening inside of you instead of centering it on what’s happening around you. Work on yourself and you’ll finally feel that inner peace and you will come to realize that by not reacting to every little thing that bothers you in your life, you now have the first ingredient to living a healthy, happy life.