My mom is my great gray hair role model in my life. She stopped dyeing her hair years ago, embraced her amazing gray locks, and she hasn’t looked back since. She often gets compliments galore on her long, soft gray hair because it is really beautiful and just perfect. Just the fact that she embraced it confidently made me realize I never want to dye mine as well. There are certainly some grays which I’ve noticed sneaking into my own hair these days, and to be honest, I really love it. It adds a whole new dimension to my hair that wasn’t there before and inspires me to continue growing out gray hair.

The awesome women who run @grombre on Instagram are always celebrating the beauty that is gray hair. This movement is described as “a radical celebration of the gray hair natural phenomenon.” And I love it so god damn much. The @grombre Instagram account features beautiful, gorgeous women showing off their natural grays and telling their personal stories. Here are some of our favorite ones so far.


“I feel more confidence within me since I decided to let my grey hair shine,” this woman wrote.

growing out gray hair

“I dyed my hair a while ago and immediately regretted doing so; like I’d washed my identity away. While I’m still learning to deal with the new texture, I love seeing my tinsel tresses in the mirror!”

And I love the fact that she calls her hair “tinsel tresses!”

“Going gray has been a life changer for me,” one user wrote.

going gray before and after pictures

“I have a completely different outlook on aging and life in general. The process definitely gave me willpower I didn’t know I had. The journey is empowering! I love my hair! I love me!”

Empowered women can do anything!

Vickie wrote, “With my confidence and a head full of silver/gray hair I’ve begun to get more and more compliments as my hair color changed.”

gray brown hair

“Being myself, embracing my beautiful strands way before it became a thing has been and still is the best glamour decision I have ever made.”

Yes, Vickie!

Zoe is a baker and also looks like a glasses model.

gray hair transition

She is stunning! Just like her long, curly hair.

23 years old and gray. Stunning.

transitioning to gray hair


Greta wrote, “This is my hair! It was difficult to accept at 13, but at 23, I love it!”

Natalia let her hair go naturally gray without dying it when she was also 23 years old.

transition to grey hair with highlights

Most of the people that she encounters don’t realize that these are her natural locks.

People ask her who her hairdresser is all the time!

This 22-year-old has been going gray since she was six years old!

growing out grey hair

“I dyed my hair for more than ten years with everything I could get my hands on,” she wrote.

“Two years ago, I decided against coloring them. My greys are a part of my identity.”

“Going into the new year with saying goodbye to dying my hair,” this awesome woman wrote.

growing out grey hair with highlights

“It’s been 8 months since my last color job and I am embracing the change with hope and grace. Since my first grey hairs in middle school to my now 36th year of life, I felt it was time to live beyond black hair dye and let it shine. Looking forward to what the year may bring.”

Another woman started embracing her grays a year and a half ago.

white highlights

Now, she gets compliments on her hair every day, as she should!

Oh man, I love this pixie cut!

blending gray hair with highlights

She’s been watching her natural grays come in for eight months now, and they look awesome if I do say so myself.

“There’s no turning back now!” Suze wrote.

grombre“If you are on the fence about going silver, I say let that $@&# go! It’s not about looking younger, older, better, worse. It’s about feeling more like yourself and accepting the gifts as well as the downsides of aging.”

That’s great advice.

Maria wrote, “This journey is not just about embracing the outward woman but also making peace with the inner woman.”

grey coverage

So true. Going gray isn’t a choice, but deciding to embrace it is!

This might be the chicest photo I have ever seen.

white hair

Eve is rocking her pink sweater and gray curls.

How gorgeous is this woman? 

silver white hair
Vyshnavi wrote, “I have been gray for the better part of my life and have lived under the shadow of hair color for as long as I can remember… I just wanted to break free and accept myself as I am and this is a small step towards achieving that end.”

This was the “best decision!”

natural white hair

This woman says that deciding not to color her hair again was “the best decision I made.” Love it!

There are so much joy and confidence in her eyes.

silver hairstyles

This is how we should always be photographed.

“This is us.”

removing hair color to go grey

When this woman stopped dyeing her hair, her grandmother criticized her at first, but she said, “this was us. This was our hair. She finally stopped dyeing this year. And tonight, she complimented my hair.”

Nichole is thankful for the girl-boss graying community.

Nichole wrote, “Just wanted to give the biggest shout out to all my @grombre sisters. I’m so very thankful for this community, and without it, I don’t think I’d have gotten this far. Thank you all, for sharing these amazing journeys just to inspire us along the way. I’ve made it 14 months, thanks to you.”

This woman felt like she was “hiding something” she was supposed to be ashamed of when she was dyeing her hair.

silver hair


So, she decided to go gray five years ago and hasn’t looked back!

Going gray can teach you more about yourself.

grey hair color

This badass woman wrote, “Going gray was a huge game changer for me… It was like learning who I was all over again… same me in a different frame (of mind).”

This fairytale goddess is “profoundly happy.”

grey hair dye


She wrote that she had been seeing gray hairs growing since she was 13 years old, and she never dyed her hair for once. Furthermore, she has been growing it since 12 and she has entirely forfeited cutting it five years ago. She’s profoundly happy with the way it looks. The color and length combined are one of her favorite attributes.”

I love the color of her hair!

gray hair dye

This woman wrote that Deciding to let her white hair grow in naturally was a moment in which she accepted herself for who she is. “My hair color does not define my youth! I feel young, healthy, & beautiful. Having white natural hair is empowering!! Love not being controlled by societal standards of beauty but my own. I have never colored my hair…I love not being a slave to dyeing it. Not to mention it is massively better for my natural curls.”

Lhin went gray when she was in high school and used to dye it almost every month.

grey hair styles


She gave up on that four years ago, and now, “I want to shoutout for someone who is struggling with a similar story like me; keep being yourself and embrace it. Because you are absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in your own way!”

Jess wrote that women come up to her all the time and tell her she’s brave for going gray.

white hair dye

“To them, I say YOU ARE!! Stop buying into the lie that showing your age subtracts from your beauty…you are a stunning sex pot and each and every grey adds to that!”

This 26-year-old gave up on box dye and good thing she did because her hair is gorgeous.

salt and pepper hair


I love a gray streak like this and am honestly kind of jealous.

This woman is a straight-up silver fox.

silver highlights

This woman’s gray hair has allowed her to model for stock photos and earned her the nickname “Silver Fox” from her husband. I’ll say!

Listen to these wise words from Lashawnda:

black and white hair


“I will always share the experiences that shaped me into being a better human being. My daily goal is not to live in perfection but in gratitude and peace. If that inspires you to laugh or think about something in a different way, well then we are in sync and running toward our life together.”

I absolutely love the color and look of this woman’s hair!

grey highlights

It looks so soft, which is definitely not a creepy thing to say, right?

Natalie never thought she would love going gray, but she gets so many compliments on her hair.

shampoo for gray hair

It’s because it is beautiful, Natalie!

This woman, who goes by @SilverByChoice on Instagram.

black and silver hair

She says that she went gray at 27 and got bored with dyeing her hair at 43. Love it!

Share this with a silver fox in your own life!

Things You Need to Know About Growing Out Gray Hair

Going gray naturally takes careful planning. Your stylist is going to provide you with the most accurate professional guidance. There are numerous salon styling techniques which will help ease the natural transition from naturally black to gray. Your current hair color and skin tone must be taken into account. Professional advice from a qualified beautician will be invaluable in making this decision.

Gray hair can be quite delicate so lowlights should never be used on the roots. Lowlights can make your roots appear bushy. Gray roots can also appear unnatural because of too many dark hairs in the mixture. Gray hair on the roots does not have the same natural thickness as when the roots are light. You want to create the illusion of thickness, so keep your roots lightened.

Even though highlights are the most flattering way to go when Gray hair, they are not always necessary. If you really want a gray look but your roots still need some added color, you may consider using natural color in your hair. Natural grays and roots are much softer than the darker shades used in lowlights.

Gray hair can be tricky to manage at first but if you use proper styling techniques, you can make it look much more manageable. Gray highlights can really make your roots stand out, but try to stay away from them. Deep striking grays or lowlights worn with a natural hairstyle can draw attention to your roots while also providing a stylish look. Gray growth can also be slowed down by adding textured or curl free hairstyles.

Gray hair can be very difficult to handle initially, but it can be made easier with the use of heat protectant products. Gray hair becomes very brittle after it breaks from growing out, so it’s important to make sure that it is taken care of properly and doesn’t break because of extreme temperatures. It can be extremely damaging to grow out highlights in this stage of development as they can rip, split, and wear away on the roots. Always use the low temperature, chemical-free products on your Gray hairs. Also keep a mister handy at all times as you will be able to use it during blow drying, brushing, and rinsing.

After Gray, there are a few things that you can do to make your Gray hair much easier to manage for growing out gray hair. Gray hairs are typically drier than other types of hair, which makes shampooing them much easier than it usually is.

You will also want to make sure that you are not washing your Gray hair too often. Gray hair grows very slowly, so you will have to allow your Gray hair to transition between lighter and darker shades naturally. If you wash your Gray hair too frequently, it will take longer to transition between colors and suffer from breakage. It’s important that you choose the proper hair color for your natural skin tone and use your best judgment when choosing a hair color. If you are unsure, then consider hiring a professional stylist to help you with the transition and growing out gray hair.

Probably the most popular way to go gray is to use dye. The best way to dye your hair will depend largely on how fast your hair grows and how much dye you want to put on each strand. For fast growing hair, you may dye your hair every two weeks. For slow-growing or medium-length hair, you might dye your hair every month. Visit our homepage for a directory of more unique articles.


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