1. Sagittarius

While Sags might be their own worst enemy and toughest critic as a girlfriend they will never put you down the way they do themselves. They lift others up and help you to see your full potential. They are selfless and think about others first always. This often leads to neglecting their own feelings and needs which might lead to conflict in the relationship. Trust can be a huge thing for them once you gain their trust you will then have their loyalty forever. They love mad hard with no hold back if you find yourself in the range of their affection you’ll get their whole heart and soul. They think deeply about everything and everyone and how their actions may affect others. You’ll fall after you see how much they care for others and everything they do to show their consideration and appreciation. Sags are guarded and defensive AF but once you manage to break through their walls you will then have a piece of their heart forever.

2. Pisces

At first, they come across as super shy. Firstly, they’ll push you away but you’ll find something very interesting about it. You’ll realize what’s so interesting once they let you in, which is that the best people are a little bit defensive and guarded. Out of all these signs, they are the one you can trust the most. As a girlfriend, they will be your number one support team and always be by your side no matter what. Pisces are really good at readers of people, they’ll watch you carefully and closely and pick up on body language. They have a special way of getting to know people by more than just the things you do and say but rather the things you don’t. They pick up on vibes and can tell when you are off even if you’re great at faking it, they’ll know and they’ll do anything to try and fix it. Out of all these signs, Pisces are super sensitive, so what that means is they’ll never try to hurt you or come across as malicious. If they do mess up they will be the first to apologize and try and make it right. Their relationships are ones in which are fight-free because they don’t believe in fights in the first place.

3. Capricorn

They are natural-born perfectionists. So, they will always try their absolute best and give their fullest when it comes to relationships. Capricorns will always be the dominant ones in a relationship. In a relationship, they will always have your back and defend you against anyone and everyone if they have to. The people Capricorns love are the ones who matter the most for them. Their body language is a bit hard to be read because they are good at hiding their feelings that strength is an admirable quality but sometimes, they’ll need you just to be there to rely on. They have an unbelievably super guarded heart so if you do win the battle of getting inside, then, consider yourself to be someone who is very rare.

4. Libra

Libras are the kindest of all zodiacs. In relationships, they try their best to avoid conflicts, but avoiding talking about problems ends up making them worse when they do come to ahead. They always fight and strive to be the most positive and the happiest but when someone hurts them, they feel the wound very deeply. They are the giver and provider in a relationship and always tend to fail at putting their needs first. So, they won’t even ask you for the things they want. One of their most popular signs, in a relationship they will always be social including you in almost everything. It’s only up to you to stop their spotlight from making you feel less. Relationships with Libras almost always end due to jealousy, they don’t even understand for their charismatic nature, is something that simply comes naturally to them. As their partner, you must keep them on a long leash and not be the jealous one partner. Their flaws include a temper that doesn’t come out very often, but when it does, it is really ugly and bad and they say things they often regret shortly after.

5. Gemini

Geminis have two very different sides to them. Half the time they are fun and outgoing. The other half of the time they are negative, dark and gloomy. In a relationship they always try to hide the side to them they don’t like but it’s something you’ll have to learn to accept and love too even if they can’t. With that being said you will see that they will accept every part of your personality. While Geminis made it to the top five on this list, this has much more to do with the loyalty and the trust they appreciate and value in others. But once you decide to cross them, they can cut you off so easily without even thinking twice about it. Second chances to them are few and far between. Once they make up their mind about someone after seeing their true colors, that is it for them, case closed. They love hard and feel pain even deeper. But they will never show you when they are down.

6. Aquarius

Ranking in at number 6. They don’t make the best girlfriend all the time but they don’t make the worst either. They are usually the weirdest out of all signs. But weird isn’t always a bad thing. They are super shy from relationships most of the time because they need the urge to be independent but if you can get one to commit into one with you, you will then have a loyalty that will last a lifetime. One of their best qualities is the fact that they look at you and your flaws as something to be admired. But they look at their own flaws as something to be hated. The hardest part of dating an Aquarius is teaching one to love themselves. They will love you with everything they have in their heart but they will never manage to channel all of that into themselves. You’ll realize their insecurities early on but if you can love them through the process of loving themselves it can then be a super-strong relationship. They overthink everything more than any other sign, so you’ll have to stop and hear out their scenario they make up which can be frustrating to you as someone who dates them. The key to them is patience.

7. Leo

Leos are hopeless romantics with expectations that aren’t realistic sometimes. While they’ll do anything for the person they love, they find themselves attracted to people who don’t meet them halfway. They grow a bit frustrated very fast for they give everything they have to someone who doesn’t do the same towards them and that is the main cause of most fights with Leo’s in relationships. While high expectations are good. Unrealistic expectations lead to them getting hurt. They always have a nag for choosing the wrong people and gravitate towards a certain type and no matter how much they get hurt they don’t change. They’re never successful at taking their friend’s advice when it comes to love and relationships and they continue to run in circles. It isn’t that they make a bad girlfriend but they choose the wrong people to commit to all the time.

8. Cancer

While Cancers do have hearts of pure gold, exposing their true emotions has only led to them to getting hurt. They don’t make bad girlfriends at all, they would make the best one only if they didn’t push people away as much as they do. They trust no one but themselves so being in a relationship is very difficult for them. They want to love as much as they fear it and they often end up getting in their own way of what could turn to an amazingly healthy relationship. They doubt themselves most of the times and have trouble making their life decisions. The truth is that they care even if they pretend they don’t and come across as harsh.

9. Taurus

Taurus are out of any sign are the toughest to get in a relationship with. They want no part of it. And it isn’t that they try to lead people on or string someone along. They just have their own life and are happy with it. Out of any other sign, they are the worst heart breakers. They do everything in their own way and once you pressure them, they just take off running. They have the coldest heart, once a relationship is over, it is always their call you will never get a second chance with them. They don’t believe in running in circles at all, whether with people or games. Why play games when they are the ones who usually make the rules? They are independent in a painful way so if you can get their heart consider yourself to be a rare breed.

10. Aries

In a relationship, Aries tend to rush into things really quickly. That can be a little weird and intimidating for someone they date. They like to take control of all situations which can be hard for a lot of guys sometimes. Their strong personality might be what attracted someone to them but it can also be a turn off when it’s too much. They need someone who is opposite of them. Aries will always be the one making calls in a relationship, the dominant one, so you would have to be okay with something like that to be with one. They have a thick skin and a bad temper but once you break into their heart you’ll see how sensitive they are. They come across as the coldest and have an acid tongue. So, when you fight with an Arie not only will you lose the fight but they will probably say something that will hurt you.

11. Virgo

Virgos are the most critical of all signs. They make relationships hard because they never consider themselves to be good enough for the person they are interested in. They are painfully insecure and jealous which can lead to a lot of relationship fights and ending. They are perfectionists so when they fail at something you’ll see how easily they fall apart and beat themselves down. It is really hard for you to watch someone you care about to be self-destructing like that. More than that it can be a very tiring act to convince a Virgo woman to see herself through your eyes when no matter what you say about her she counters it with a lot of negativity. Not only are they critical of themselves you’ll see how they can lash you out and pick you apart sometimes. It is very hard to be with someone who not only doesn’t love themselves but makes you think like they don’t love you either.

12. Scorpio

Scorpio woman is the scariest of all signs. They tend to run shit and take control of any or all relationships they are a part of. They come across as cold and heartless. They are also painfully blunt and straight forward so if you want to engage in a relationship with a tone you got to have a thick skin because they will tell you everything like it is without any holdback. They aren’t mean. They are honest and don’t hold back. They are ruthless when it comes to crossing them. Mess things up once and you’re automatically dead to them. They hold their relationships standards very high which can make their partners feel like they are forced to walk on eggshells for them sometimes. The Scorpio which is often described as the storm of all zodiacs totally unpredictable, so you can either be safe on their side or on their way which will make them destroy you. Out of all signs, they are the toughest to get to fall in love with. But once that happens you have them forever.