Pursuing a woman is an art of its own. Pursuing is most underrated and easy to dismiss. Humans tend to get into a certain routine so easily, it’s natural for us to like what’s comfortable. Once you’re used to being with the same person for a certain period of time, everything else starts to feel and become habitual. Every. Last. Thing.


We don’t talk about how it’s important to be perused enough. We all have our own needs and desires which are very unique to ourselves, but we all need and deserve to be pursued.

Date someone who actually loves pursuing you, who gets excited just by the thought of you. 

Date someone who pays attention to the minor details of your date nights. Date someone who actually loves to plan date nights with you.

Be with someone who is sure and certain of you, who knows they want you regardless of whatever is going on their personal life.

Date someone who keeps chasing you, someone who dares to outdo themselves for you. Date someone who remembers the little things about you, only to bring it up at the most perfect times around you.

Date someone who appreciates the value of solitude but still knows how to make you always feel special and chosen.


Date someone that declares their love to you whenever, someone who writes home about you and someone who is not afraid to compliment you in front of their friends.

Date someone who wants to love you in the way you need to be loved. Date someone who pursues you for a long time, who never gives up on that.

Date someone who admits how lucky they are just to have you in their lives, who knows they need you to occupy the empty space in their heart and their life.

Date someone who is magically fascinated with you, who genuinely finds you interesting in so many ways. 

Wherever you are and whomever your preferable “type” is, make sure you are being pursued enough. You deserve to be loved and adored. You deserve to feel chosen by someone. You deserve an amount of love that makes you feel unconditionally adored, someone who never stops trying to love you more and better.