A professional truck driver, David Fredericksen saw a car going the wrong way on an interstate in Mississippi, Biloxi.
He watched the horrifying scene as the car went straight and slammed into a truck, it exploded before his very two eyes, and his dashcam recorded all of this tragedy on video.
Within seconds, the car was entirely on fire. David started praying and then rushed with a fire extinguisher to the scene leaving the safety of his truck. Although he was hesitating whether to help or no, for he was terrified of what he would find, but that didn’t stop him from helping.
“God, please don’t let me have to deal with someone who is halfway burned alive, screaming in pain,” he said to himself.
David thought that the elderly woman and her 1-year-old granddaughter who were inside the car were surely dead, but he saw something which made him think otherwise, a little head pop up in the back window.
David tries to open the door with force as the metal began melting down. He climbed into the backseat after praying even more than the first time, and he grabbed the little girl as the fire raged on.
David says that what happened that day was an absolute miracle, and there are many reasons that made him think so.
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